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A story loaded with equal rights and t.l.c.

Here is a story about a young man. There are a couple of characters that will come into play at different times. Even though I will change their names all the people connected to this will know who the characters really are.

I will slowly add to the story when I have time and feel like doing so, I will also NOT start in the beginning. I will start somewhere in the middle and eventually jump back.

Abraham, this not so young man anymore, moved to a little town in a little secluded land. He moved there with the intent of starting a new life with a woman he believed he would spend the rest of his life with. A life which would now be marvelous compared to the nightmare he experienced with his ex-wife.

Abraham and Julia discussed so many different things that they could do in their new life and enjoy. Abraham believed he had gone to “heaven” and finally found the type of relationship he had dreamed of since he was a little boy of 7 years old. Little did Abraham know that Julia’s past was tainted, that a moral-less, delusional controlling abuser was part of her history. The name of the abuser is Judas, who is more typical of the description most people give to sewer rats.

He fed upon the mentally, emotionally and physically weak. If he had the gall to try to go against someone that was too big a bite for him he would attack them when their back was turned and with the help of others.

The only characteristic that did not fit with a rat was that when cornered a rat will fight, Judas hid behind little children and anyone that was available.


Judas, like most deranged psychopaths had a good nose for smelling out the “weak” and “innocent.”  When younger Judas was made fun of because he was a sniveling skinny little twit whom was used to controlling his old parents and thought he could get away with it outside of his home also. This horribly failed and Judas was rightfully picked upon and ostracized. He was an undesirable outcast among his “peers.” But, Judas learned that since he could not control people like at home that he would learn how to be sneaky and let people see him as an “innocent” where people would not suspect him of doing anything or as a “hero” where he would “sacrifice” himself to “help” others.

But of course since the people around him knew how he was he had to leave the area and the country to set up a new image. Judas moved away and met new people. He ran across a woman that he was totally in love with. A woman that fit his fetish for blondes (hhmm, smacks of Arian racism, I believe). That did not end up lasting long because the woman saw what a sniveling little rat he was after she got to know him better and he could not keep “the mask up with smell of rot underneath.” She was of course a woman/lady, something that a weak abuser as Judas could not handle. This woman not only “kicked him to the curb” she kicked him well over the block.

He crawled home with is crooked tail between his legs. When back home he did his best to try to manipulate the new people he met. Judas had gotten really good at this; as a matter of fact he was a master at it, as long as he didn’t try for a close relationship with anyone. Once he tried to get closer to anyone they would smell the under tone of his “rot” and would see his true nature.

Judas was well beyond his “young adult” years and on his way to completing three decades. As all “good” predators Judas came across a little girl. A girl in her teens and distraught due to the break up of her family. Her world had just turned upside down and this little teenage girl was in desperate need of a friend, a friend to open up to and trust. Most of all an older person to explain to her and listen to her in place of her parents which had just divorced. At a dance one day Judas, noticed this little girl and her situation and salivated. Judas thought, “have I died and gone to heaven? This is the perfect opportunity I have been waiting for! I can take this child and break her and mould her to the way I want her to be. Make her into my image!”

This little girl happened to be Julia who at first pushed the advances of Judas away and told him, “I am just a kid, a little girl!” Judas smiled his broad smile and purred “that is what makes it so much better my dear! I thought you were older because you are so mature. Come dance with me, let me listen to you and help you forget about your problems.” Julia finally gave in to Judas’ constant badgering but considered that the end of the story once she went upon her way. The next evening Judas showed up at Julia’s mother’s home and asked to take Julia out to dinner. Sadly, the trap was set and sprung and with no one around to help Julia, Judas was able to get his talons into her and start his atrocities.


Judas locked the little girl away in a solitary home where all sorts of vile acts could be perpetrated without the interference of neighbors. He invited his Judite family to come and let little Julia clean up and take care of them all. Though Judas was a “collector” he made it clear that he was willing to “share” his “property” if that meant not losing it or if that meant that he could gain favor by doing so.

Julia did not feel that any of this was “right” but the onslaught was overwhelming and Julia was only a child and didn’t know better. Judas attained his goal, he broke Julia and was now building/raising her the way he wanted. As time progressed some of Julia’s family wondered why she came rarely around or why Judas hardly ever came with Julia. She lied for him that he was busy with work and couldn’t leave, when in reality Judas did not like her family and told Julia straight out that he did not. Of course as is typical of Judas when in the presence of Julia’s family or in the front of others he put up a mask and seemed to be such a caring loving “Jesus” or at that the same time “Jesus the sacrificial victim.”

Judas was very adept at setting up these masks and most people that were not “worldly wise” could not see Judas’ true colors. A few did see a part of his real colors but were scared due to Judas’ inbred family connections in the area and with “the powers that be.”  Judas seemed to always call forward strong reactions. When someone saw part of the real Judas and said so others would angrily if not violently jump up to protect Judas, even Julia was not immune to this. Despite the abuse from Judas, Julia fought for him as viciously as a mother bear would for her cubs. The brain wash of Julia was complete.



  1. Hey, don’t blemish my, well, not so good name by comparing me to the a-hole in your story. I only did it for money… a mistake, but a forgivable one… Or at least I hope so. Still waiting on the Man upstairs to let me sit at the big kids table.

  2. Thanks for writing this.


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