Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2008 May 20

Human Rights

Just a little introduction here. This „blog“ category is for all whom wish to write about their experiences.

I am in an organization for Parental Equal Rights: and would like others to share their experiences.


Now we will be treading into „sensitive territory“ here and I would like for people to keep things basically civil, leave out the swearing and try to stick to giving up „legal“ information without stomping on others right with retaliation.


Now English does not have to be the main language. People can write in English, Spanish and Icelandic. If someone does not understand one of the three they can either ask the author for a translation or me (preferably the author). If someone wants to write in another language apart from these three, I say fine as long as they post a translation with it (using one of the fore mentioned languages).


Hope to see plenty of post!



  1. Just testing to see if I fixed it so people can comment now! 😀


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