Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2008 May 21

Speaking of human rights

I have numerous times said that “child services/barnavernd” here, in Iceland, does not do its job.Have mentioned how the employees are not competent nor qualified for their jobs. Of course like most services they lack funds and are overworked. But the lie to parents and to show racism, prejudice and chauvinism has nothing to do with these things. To play the “old boy system” and to take part in transgressions again human rights is just totally illegal besides immoral.

I strongly STRONGLY recommend to others that are dealing with people in the Icelandic child services to record their conversations. I have checked and according to the law and the national Personal Privacy Act, you can record in this situation as long as the second party knows of the recording.


I say that if they have nothing to hide, then it will not be a problem. If they refuse, then I would recommend that a witness (biased for your side so they can’t be bought off nor threatened) is present. When it comes to one’s reputation and one’s children, everything possible should be done to preserve it.


My gripe of the day for this non-fictional situation.



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