Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2008 May 24



The audacity of certain places does not cease to surprise me. For instance, we have little places like Akureyri and Eyjarfjörður in Iceland which are pleasurable places but we have officials which pillage and plunder the area.


You have places like the county sheriff’s office, child services and other “politic personnel” that go by their own rules. For instance you have newly retired “reeves,” a local official charged with enforcement of specific regulations, which use their decadent influences to place the aforementioned offices and services in their pockets.


These little groups go by which is known as “the old boys group” and blatantly break the countries own laws. They violate human rights, mentally and physically abuse children, women and “outsiders” and hire or place their relatives in all positions to support their little cast systems.


These people of course tend to operate in groups because they cannot handle “normal” people in a one on one situation. These people even use their children as shields and hide behind them when they see that their piteous deplorable bluffs are called.


Even when official records and actual proof is presented they tend to close their eyes and make documents “disappear.”  Many tend to have mental and psychological problems which grade schools would be able to diagnose, but here is where the beauty of the old boys group kicks in. No matter how mentally or emotionally decapitated they are, how inbred or immorally putrid, they are completely blind to these characteristics and whole heartedly support each other. I am just grateful that not all people here are as such, but the few entities that are, tend to curdle the sour milk.



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