Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2008 July 6

Mental patients

Well, well well. I will translate the Icelandic into English 
sometime soon. But, it is astonishing how child abusers, especial 
a certain child molester and abuser in the area keeps on playing 
his mental games as his unintelligible underlings support him and 
swallow his b.s. Like the “perfect” child abuser and molester he 
makes himself seem like such a “good nice guy” and “hero” but never 
has any proof for is delusions. He concocts stories and finds other 
mentally incompetent sheep to herd and back him up but again without 
any proof or logic. Others DO have proof and facts but as long as 
the banana republic cohorts of Mr. “hero” do not do their sworn in 
jobs, then criminals will continue to prey upon the unsuspecting 
and will be a thorn in the side of honest people. 



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