Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2008 July 7

Quick silver

Well well well. I was scanning through an old NewScientist magazine while eating lunch.

Then I saw an article titled „The drug that helps men last longer.” Decided to read

it real quick and see what they were talking about. Talked about men that suffer from

sever premature ejaculation (PE). They last less than a minute after penetration.

Ooook. Understood, they need some type of treatment. As I kept reading, it said that

with a drug they can get help and last up to 3.3 minutes. Ooook again.


BUT, as I kept on reading it says that on average, now get this, ON AVERAGE, men

last for 5.4 minutes!!! JUST 5.4 minutes?!?!? What the hell??? No wonder women

complain so much about one minute wonders! 5.4 minutes? I thought they were kidding!

5.4 minutes? It comes as a shock, 5.4 minutes on AVERAGE is NOTHING! Not even

a warm up!!! I mean I thought that the average would be at least an hour unless getting

a „quickie!!!”  I am still shocked, SHOCKED by that number! No wonder many women

are miserable! Sheesh!


So to you women that have your „average” guys…sorry. Hope you teach him to last longer.

And for my fellow man, do SOMETHING to last longer man! It is mostly psychological!

Except for those PE guys, it shouldn’t ONLY last 5.4 minutes!!!



  1. Now you see if guys were to last twice as long they would match the other article below! 😉 *snicker*


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