Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2008 August 20

Personal post


Well it is time I add something personal into this page.


I try to avoid that because I see some of the stuff that people write on their own blogs which I think are just too personal and „the world” shouldn‘t be reading about it. I believe if you start you tend to desensitize with time and write more and more personal information.


I will do my best to add personal comments and stay away from „really didn‘t need to know that” information.

I most likely won‘t really get started until the end of September or beginning of October. I now live in Akureyir a small town in the north of Iceland and am moving south to Mosfellsbær an even smaller town. The area that I am moving to seems like a natural „pearl” with plenty of hills to go walking around with my Siberian husky and plenty of plants and grass to set my grass pollen allergy going. 😉


Will try to take pictures and add them to my album for which there is a link here on this page.


Obviously I have not killed myself on my motorcycle but have been taking it real slow. Have rarely gone out of town on long rides because I am not too confident with my tires. Believe the time for changing them has come so I don‘t want to take too much of a chance with the little experience I have.


Now I have something interesting that I found out which will put many of you asleep.I have been searching for sometime for the origin of my last name and where it comes from. Finally I found:

The Bonilla are Castilians, and spread throughout Spain during the Reconquest.

A branch established itself in Brazil in 1583. They proved their nobility at the Real Chancilleria de Hijosdalgo in Valladolid. Bonilla comes originally from the Cuenca province and Bonilla de la Sierra in Ávila province.


Add on that my name Viktor Mar means Conquerer/Victorious warhorse plus the Bonilla, that would make my name „The Noble Conquering War Horse!”  😉


Oh I think I could get used to that.


Well tht is all for now but here are two coats of arms (Family Crests) that I found connected to the Bonilla name.

bonilla-spain.jpg bonilla-spain2.jpg



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