Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2008 October 1


Well finally it has stopped raining. It rained here from the day I moved to town until 2 days ago.
Now we have had two whole days without rain, incredible! But I am glad. Windy as hell but that
is normal for here. 
Mosfellsbær is a nice little place,full of nature all around us. Rabbits abound, too bad I don’t like
rabbit stew or else I would be like Elmer Fudge. 😉
Well have to get ready for my second Tango lesson tonight first one was real fun and I am sure this
one will be a blast also.  Really only one negative here, it has rained so much like I said and now so
cold that I have only been able to ride my motorcycle once and now the battery is dead! Damn.


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