Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2008 October 15

Bike riding

Well well well. Today was fun. I got on my motorcycle and decided to take a ride in this great weather. I rode out of “Mosfellsbær” and around “Hafravatn” and then towards “Þingvellir.” Great views! Was busy looking at the mountains with all their snow. Had driven around 20km from “Hafravatn” when I noticed how nice the snow mixed with the moss. Amazed how much snow was on the ground. How much snow and ice was on the grass and on the road. Then “WHAT?!?!?” Snow and ice on the road!

I realized I was riding a street bike in slush and with a half way worn out tire! Slowly stopped the motorcycle and turned around and carefully drove back home 🙂   It was still a blast and totally great!Too bad there was slush or else I would have loved to have gone all the way.



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