Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2009 July 25

Let’s talk about hypocrisy

Let’s talk about how this world is full of so many self righteous hypocrites.

Every single day, one runs into hypocrites who these kids are so badly brought up or those are not good parents but at the same time they have their own heads so far up their children’s own asses that they will never see daylight.

Same type of people who preach to other people about the environment but then pollute about 10x more than what they are complaining about. Same people who constantly demean others, demand and disrespect others possessions but then do not want to share their own. They take no part in any care of payment of others possessions but claim them as their own.

They place and demand rules, demand respect but then step on all others and show a total lack of respect.

Gripe of the day which surrounds facts and everyday life.



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