Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2010 January 15

Study: Cellphone use fights Alzheimer’s

TAMPA, Fla. (UPI) — U.S. researchers say they’re surprised to discover radiation from cellphones may protect against and even reverse Alzheimer’s disease.
The researchers at the Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, led by University of South Florida neuroscientist Gary Arendash, said exposing old Alzheimer’s mice to electromagnetic waves from cellphones erased brain buildups of a harmful protein known as beta amyloid and eliminated memory problems typical of Alzheimer’s.
The radiation also prevented beta amyloid buildup in younger Alzheimer’s mice, the researchers said in a study funded in part by the National Institute on Aging and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.
In fact, exposing normal mice to cellphone radiation for two hours a day over seven to nine months actually improved their cognitive abilities compared with so-called control mice tested in a parallel experiment for comparison, Arendash and colleagues said.
The highly controlled study let researchers isolate the effects of cellphone exposure on memory from other lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, the researchers said.
It involved 96 mice, most of which were genetically altered to develop beta amyloid plaques and memory problems mimicking Alzheimer’s disease as they aged.
"It surprised us to find that cellphone exposure, begun in early adulthood, protects the memory of mice otherwise destined to develop Alzheimer’s symptoms," Arendash said. "It was even more astonishing that the electromagnetic waves generated by cellphones actually reversed memory impairment in old Alzheimer’s mice."

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