Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2010 February 26

Scorpion venom may be new morphine

TEL AVIV, Israel (UPI) — Scorpion venom could be an alternative to morphine, researchers at Tel Aviv University suggest.
Michael Gurevitz of Tel Aviv University’s department of plant sciences is investigating new ways for developing a novel painkiller based on natural compounds found in the venom of scorpions.
Peptide toxins found in scorpion venom interact with sodium channels in nervous and muscular systems — and some of these sodium channels communicate pain, Gurevitz says.
"The mammalian body has nine different sodium channels of which only a certain subtype delivers pain to our brain," Gurevitz says in a statement. "We are trying to understand how toxins in the venom interact with sodium channels at the molecular level and particularly how some of the toxins differentiate among channel subtypes."
Gurevitz says he is trying to develop painkillers that mimic the venom’s bioactive components. The idea is to modify elements of the venom so a future painkiller can be designed that can work like the toxins and be as effective, while eliminating or reducing side effects,

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