Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2010 March 17

Wolf slaughter

This past weekend, Alaska officials began using spotter planes and a helicopter to track and kill roughly two hundred wolves in the Fortymile Region of Alaska near the Yukon-Charlie Rivers National Preserve. [1]
State officials only recently announced their plan to kill roughly two-thirds of the wolves that range near these federal lands, but it’s a grim reminder of last year’s wolf-killing campaign in the area: state agents gunned down 84 wolves over the course of just six days last March. [2]

Unfortunately, that’s not the only bad news for Alaska’s wolves.
In its latest meeting, the state’s powerful Board of Game approved a plan to expand aerial gunning of wolves in other parts of the state and voted to allow wolf trapping just outside Denali National Park, ignoring the concerns of park officials.
The park’s already-declining wolf population — a major attraction for visitors to Denali — could be hit especially hard. In the six-million-acre park, only around 65-70 wolves now remain, the lowest recorded number since radio-tracking began in the 1980s. [3]
And — because wolves can’t see the boundaries between state and federal lands — even Denali’s famous Toklat pack will be at risk of death.

Imagine it: wolves from our federal lands, chased to exhaustion outside of the Yukon-Charlie Rivers National Preserve by helicopters and gunned down with high-powered rifles or dying slow, painful deaths in traps should they wander from the safety of Denali National Park.

Right now, we’re advancing federal legislation to stop Alaska’s brutal and scientifically unfounded aerial wolf-killing programs. And working with our sister organization, Defenders of Wildlife, we’re fighting on the ground and in court to protect wildlife on our federal lands from Alaska’s outrageous plans.

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  1. Alaska has lost all it’s senses, it seems, in brutally slaughtering the Wolf population there – it’s a more painful and heinous act a human being can commit against an innocent animal cohabitant on this planet.

    Our Wolf population can not see whether it is your culture land or high-rise city, they know not what is your boundary or rules – they simply move out on a journey of pure ‘survival’ thanks to the ‘suffocating’ ‘deforesting’ acts of we human beings. They too have equal right of living and space on this planet for it’s God’s plan. No moron or crown man should deny their due ‘right’ there. Long live our wolf – we need them, our children and grand children should see them ‘alive’ moving with full life and force.

    • I totally agree with you UG, heinous, pompous and hypocritical act.


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