Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2011 December 10

Sledding, Preda-Bergün, Switzerland

Photo: Sled riders on a toboggan trail

Photograph courtesy Peter Fuchs

The 3.7-mile Preda-Bergün cross-country toboggan course is Switzerland’s first and Europe’s longest floodlit sled run. Take the Rhaetian Railway to the tiny village of Preda (about 20 minutes from St. Moritz and three hours from Zurich), rent a wooden sled at the train station, and hold on tight for the exhilarating plunge down the closed Abula Pass road from Preda (5,900 feet above sea level) to the finish at Bergün (4,484 feet). The icy course winds through towering pine trees and past tidy Swiss farms and villages. Periodic total darkness adds to the adventure and danger. Wear a ski helmet and goggles for safety, and watch for riders pitched off their sleds on hairpin turns. Snowmaking equipment helps ensure a full season of sledding, but check weather conditions and operating hours before making the train trek to Preda. Combination rail-and-sled daily passes cover unlimited train trips back to the starting point in Preda, so scope out the course—and panoramic views of the surrounding glaciated Alpine peaks—with an initial daytime run.



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