Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2012 November 7

Don’t be fooled by Obama’s victory


Some thoughts on the state of America as we celebrate the victory of President Obama and other liberals in yesterday’s elections… while Democrats won, and won big, there remain a large number of Americans who won’t understand why they were wrong to support the Romney-Ryan ticket.

There remains a large segment who think that their religion has the divine right to rule a country born of the need for religious freedom, and to achieve that, wisely wrote a constitution which in very plain terms states that religion and government must always remain separate. In order to give incentive to religions to keep that pledge, they got huge tax breaks.

Yet, today, these people do not understand why it’s so important! They understand why any other religion must be kept out of government, but not their own. They think being neutral about religion means they are being persecuted for their faith, yet, it is they who wish to persecute by forcing their religion on everyone. They believe telling any lie whatsoever is justified if it tricks others into supporting their religion. They spend millions, literally millions of dollars to defeat any effort to keep America free from dictatorial religious obligation. They have come to the conclusion that if any Americans don’t honor and obey their Christian faith, those Americans are traitors, and should be run out of the country.

They’ve gotten so insane – and there’s no other word for this – that they want to suppress women – back over 100 years in their categorization as equal human beings, entitled to equal measure and possessing equal rights. The same holds true for anyone who isn’t sexually heterosexual, What might be the worst demographic to be a part of? How about a black or brown, atheist, unmarried, pregnant by rape, lesbian woman. She might as well just hang it up now because racist white America is not about to let her in, and if she tries to get in, her very life is at stake for simply being who she is. Astoundingly, in many states, a rapist who impregnates his victim is given parental rights!

I’ve had women who voted for the Romney ticket tell me that the whole women’s issue thing is made up by the Democrats – that Republicans wouldn’t ever take away their rights. They say this while watching video of the men telling them they fully intend to ‘put women back where they belong’. "That’s out of context!" they say.

What’s even stranger is the way middle and lower class whites have been bamboozled to believe that rich white men should have a separate set of rules to follow. There’s not only no need for them to pay taxes equally, but it is, in fact, a rejection of "God’s Will" if one even dares to suggest otherwise. Who’s helped them come to this conclusion? Rich white men who don’t want to pay taxes. They wouldn’t buy a used car from these people, yet they want them to own the country?

I’ve been told by Republicans that the mega-wealthy do pay lots of taxes, and … again, it’s a Democratic plot to pretend otherwise. How is it possible to hold a discussion with someone who has their eyes shut and their fingers deeply jammed in their ears?

It’s the lies, the incessant, offensive lies which bother me the most. The current Republican party likes to claim integrity, yet they define integrity as the arrogant rejection of anyone or anything which they choose to consider ‘wrong’. There is no appreciation or respect for objectivity. Only subjectivity is permissible, and you are only permitted rights if you agree unequivocally with their restrictive, Christian subjectivity – and it will be termed Christian objectivity.

Yes, we can rejoice that more Americans recognize this than not. But our joy must be tempered by the knowledge that nearly half of Americans think the cult of modern Republicanism is the New American Bible– and their God not only won’t help you if you dare to disagree, but will exact revenge on you and your ilk; and they’re ready to help him do it. This is not the America I love. The grand experiment where rights were sacred for everyone, from the top of the heap, to those lowest – where all are Americans, is in distress, in danger of being swallowed up by the vampires of the far right.

Let’s not become complacent with this win. There remains so much work to do.

, Philadelphia Freethought Examiner

A writer, painter, and photographer, Carol serves as Vice President of the Freethought Society. A former senior sysop on CompuServe’s Religion Forum, she embraces the concepts of Freethought, Humanism, Naturalism, and the strict separation of church and state. She is active in atheist, science…


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