Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2013 August 9

Weird News

Small dead shark found on NYC subway train

NEW YORK (UPI) — A dead shark was found in a subway train car in New York City early Wednesday, authorities said.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the shark was discovered near a row of seats on a Queens-bound N train about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, WCBS-TV, New York, reported.
The MTA said the conductor kept commuters out of the car until the train reached Ditmars Boulevard, where a supervisor put the carcass in a garbage bag and threw it out in the trash, the TV station said.
Photos of the shark showed up on Instagram.
"Gotta love NYC…casual dead shark on the subway…#NYC," Brandon Sanchez wrote.
CNN reported the shark was about 1 1/2 feet long and weight 5-10 pounds.
"I thought it was just a plush toy or a prank," passenger Juan Cano told the network. When I saw the teeth that’s I knew it was real, it was no toy.
Cano said it looked as if it had been recently caught on a fishing hook.

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