Posted by: Viktor Mar | 2013 October 1

Eye Candy

Talk About Eye Candy!

Photographer Suren Manvelyan has put together this collection of close-ups of the human eye, which he calls ‘Your Beautiful Eyes’. It reveals a detail in color and texture that we never knew could exist inside of an eyeball!


Macro Photography

Suren was able to capture these beautiful shots using a process called macro photography. The process involves using a microscopic lens to create a picture where the print is several times larger than the original subject.


About Suren

In addition to being an internationally-known photographer, Suren Manvelyan also has a PhD in physics and has been teaching science and math for years. He also has a photo series dedicated to animal eyes!


Sea Anemone?

This eyeball totally reminds us of a sea anemone. What’s really interesting and unique is that one ridge in the middle of this person’s iris sticks out, think they ever knew about it before seeing this picture?


The Grand Canyon

This one really reminds us of a sandy canyon or valley . . . The denseness of the pigment in the iris must mean that this person has really full, deep brown eyes.


Amazing Variation

One of the things that impressed us the most about these pictures was how different one person’s eyes can be from another. It almost looks as though different peoples’ eyes are composed of entirely different materials!


Look at that Texture!

This side-angle shot really shows you the layers of texture that exist inside of your iris. It looks like a densely populated forest or maybe some sort of desert landscape. Amazing.


Bluer than Blue

This bright blue eyeball looks like it’s being electrified. Did you know that there is a team of geneticists who believe that all blue-eyed people descend from a single ancestor who had blue eyes as a mutation 10,000 years ago?


Blue With a Splash

From afar you would probably think this person’s eyes are purely blue, but up close you can see the specs of hazel. This really looks like an amazing piece of art from a master painter.


Amber Waves

Looks like this person has eyes that are a beautiful shade of hazel brown. When you are seeing them this close, you can really see the unique color patterns in someone’s eyes.


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  2. Fascinating!


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